Family Guy’s Meg Griffin may be about to come out as lesbian

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Family Guy character Meg Griffin could come out as a lesbian in a future episode, a show runner has confirmed.

Alec Sulkin revealed that the show may delve into Meg’s sexuality as they plan to look into characters with less explored character arcs.

Sulkin told Splitsider: “There’s one story we have, it’s by no means final, but it would involve Meg coming out as a lesbian.”

In past episodes Meg has pretended to be lesbian to fit in with friends, and the show has even explored the character coming out as a transgender man named Ron in the future.

Meg’s character, voiced by Mila Kunis, has often been the laughing stock of the series with the rest of the family consistently making jabs at her.

“It would be interesting how we might handle both of those story lines. Sometimes, we do things that go against continuity. We try to explain it, but sometimes, if it doesn’t fit in, we tend to make a joke about it,” Sulkin added.

Other parodies set to be explored in the future include episodes where Brian is mobbed on social media, and Stewie and Brian acting as Sherlock and Watson in a Sherlock Holmes parody.

Earlier this year, main character Peter Griffin joined Grindr, and it was not what anyone expected.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane last year refused to discuss his show’s mocking of Caitlyn Jenner, long before she came out as transgender.

American network TV included a record number of LGBT characters this year according to the latest report from media watchdog GLAAD.

Despite progress, the organisation warned that many TV shows “failed queer women” by killing off a disproportionate number of female LGBT characters.

GLAAD’s annual ‘Where We Are On TV’ report found that 43 of 895 (4.8%) series regular characters on broadcast TV were LGBT, the highest proportion the group has ever counted.

There were also record numbers of black (20%) and disabled (1.7%) series regular characters across the broadcast networks.

The five broadcast networks GLAAD monitors are ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The CW.

Meanwhile the number of regular LGBT characters on cable rose from 84 last year to 92 this year, and on streaming platforms it rose ever so slightly from 43 to 45.