This is how much it’ll cost for Elton John to sing at your wedding

If you’ve ever dreamed of Sir Elton John singing you down the aisle, you might have to get saving.

The legendary singer has been releasing hits for decades, becoming one of the most famous musicians on the planet.

He’s even a huge star in Russia, one of the world’s most homophobic countries.

Vladimir Putin has reportedly agreed to meet with him to discuss LGBT equality, being a fan of Sir Elton himself.

But if you’re ready for love with Elton on the paino, you’ll need to be ready to shell out a huge pay cheque.

The star sang at the wedding of 19-year-old Irene Kogan, daughter of a Russia oligarch, over the weekend.

Reportedly the star took in an incredible fee – a cool one million pounds for the gig.

He performed a full 12 song set for the price tag, making it more than £80,000 per hit.

That’s roughly equivalent to the average UK yearly salary for every minute performing.

It’s not as much as fellow wedding singer Mariah Carey, though, who raked in £2.5m for the gig.

One gig Sir Elton definitely won’t be at – regardless of the fee – is Trump’s inauguration.

He issued a statement flatly refusing to attend.

Daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, subsequently labelled him a “sissy” for the refusal.