This woman trolled Trump from beyond the grave

An 87-year-old woman has trolled Trump from beyond the grave using her obituary.

Elizabeth Smith from Norwalk, Ohio, had a pretty standard obituary for an 87-year-old listing her contribution to the Girl Scouts, Salvation Army and other voluntary things.

“She was a switchboard operator for many years. She was a lifetime member of Girl Scouts USA and was a 45 year volunteer for Erie Shores Girl Scout Council, and for 25 years she was a driving force behind Norwalk’s Girl Scout Day Camp,” the obituary reads.

“She was a recipient of the Thanks Badge, which is the highest award in Girl Scouting. She volunteered for the United Fund, Salvation Army soup kitchen, participated in crop walk, visited shut-ins at nursing homes, was an MDA Volunteer and a member of Huron County Democratic Party and a poll worker.”

Smith, who was a registered Democrat for her whole life, used the obituary to give one last blow to Trump on her way out.

“Liz is smiling now, not to be living during the Trump Presidency.”

Smith’s daughter, Deborah Lucal, said that her mother read a similar thing in someone else’s obituary and was amused by it.

“She had seen that in somebody else’s obituary and kind of made a note of that. She doesn’t like the man, she never has, thought he was a pompous ass,” Local told the Sandusky Register.

The obituary was praised by locals, who commented online calling it “inspiring” and “wonderful”.

“I didn’t know your mother, but I found her obituary delightful and inspiring,” one wrote. “What a generous, adventurous spirit! Sending warm thoughts.”

“Dear family and loved ones: I have never met Ms. Smith, but she sounds like a wonderful woman,” another added.

“Her life was filled with service to others, adventure, family and love. My thoughts are with each of you that love her. Hugs to you all. “