Gays for Trump plan to rally for the President across America

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Gay Trump supporters are planning a number of rallies in support of the President on Saturday.

The ‘Gays for Trump’ group is behind the movement.

The rallies are set to take place in Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, North Carolina, New York City, Berkeley, Reno, Nevada and Las Vegas.

Gays for Trump plan to rally for the President across America

The group’s president Peter Boykin said in an interview with the Washington Blade said everyone is welcome at the rallies.

He added that “you will see a lot of rainbow flags.”

The Washington DC event, which will be followed by a march on the White House, will also feature a performance by Joy Villa.

The lesser-known singer, Villa, made some headlines when she turned up at the Grammys last month in a dress made out of pro-Trump signs.

President Trump is facing massive scrutiny as his attorney general Jeff Sessions yesterday refused to quit over a revelation that he secretly met with the Russian envoy to the US during last year’s election.

Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was previously forced to resign over secret communications with Russia, while last year Trump was forced to ditch campaign chief Paul Manafort after his ties to Russia became the subject of a CIA probe.

Trump last month officially rolled back discrimination protections for transgender students introduced under the Obama administration.

Petition: Donald Trump, stop discriminating against transgender kids