NFL quarterback awarded $3 million in lawsuit against man who claimed he was in the closet

NFL player Kordell Stewart has been awarded $3 million in a lawsuit against a man who claimed they were in a gay relationship together.

Stewart, a former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears, filed the lawsuit against Andrew Caldwell over claims that the pair had dated.

Stewart was awarded $1.5 million in general damages and 1.5$ in punitive damages after a judge found that his reputation was “significantly” damaged by the claims.

The NFL player initially sought $4.5 million from Andrew Caldwell because he claimed that he had loss earnings and suffered emotional distress as well as an impairment to his image.

The former sportsman alleged he has been damaged him “personally and professionally in a sports industry that has made homosexuality an unenviable, controversial and taboo topic”.

According to the Mail his lawsuit also claimed that “these ‘false’ and harmful allegations have limited his credibility and respect in an industry where toughness and ‘macho’ personalities dominate”.

The lawsuit began after 38-year-old Caldwell appeared on TheShakeUp show to claim that 44-year-old Stewart had been on a date with him and showered him in expensive gifts.

Caldwell said on the show: “If you’re gay, you can just get a vibe from someone and know they are, too.”

Stewart denied the allegations and his suit stated: “at all times during his life, Mr. Stewart has been, and is, a heterosexual male.”

Caldwell, a well-known internet personality and hoaxer who famously claimed to be ‘cured’ of homosexuality, has since admitted to making the tryst up.