This awesome tool lets you access the Gender Free Internet

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A new online tool allows users to browse the internet without having to fill in gender questions in online forms.

The plugin comes from the organisers of Copenhagen Pride, who say that binary gender questions on forms as completely unnecessary and invasive.

Copenhagen Pride launched the tool with a video which demonstrates the lack of need for arbitrary online gender questions, by bringing them into real life situations.

Gender Free Internet video

The organisation notes that in 2016, the Danish Government finally stopped classifying trans people as mentally ill.

Denmark in fact became the first country to stop regarding ‘transgenderism’ as a recognised mental illness – even though the World Health Organisation is yet to issue guidance.

The norm-critical movement, as described by organisers, “seeks to remove gender form boxes online with a digital tool”.

“Today gender identity is a shifting landscape, and a lot of people don’t feel like complying with the gender norms,” said Copenhagen Pride.

“To some people, gender-specific form boxes are just as annoying and intrusive as ads on YouTube are to people trying to watch a cute cat video.

“The difference is that YouTube videos don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.”

The release also cites a National Geographic survey which found that 50 percent of people thought gender was a spectrum, not binary.

Check out the short film about the campaign:

The tool, ‘Gender Free Internet’ is available to download here as a Chrome browser plug-in.

Banking giant HSBC earlier this year announced that it is set to help trans and non-binary people more than ever before, to mark International Transgender Day of Visibility.

The bank said it would introduce ten new gender-neutral titles for customers, who will be able to choose Mx, Ind, M, Mre, Msr, Myr, Pr, Sai, Ser or Misc, if they wish.

Anyone who banks with HSBC will also be able to more easily and quickly change the gender on their accounts.