Kate Moss to reveal George Michael’s Highgate home in Channel 4 documentary

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Supermodel Kate Moss has been seen filming inside the late George Michael’s London home.

It’s believed Moss, who rarely speaks on TV, is making a new documentary for Channel 4 about the late Wham! star.

Filming is said to have begun for the documentary before his death, with the backing of Sony, and is now being updated to be a memorial show.

The 53-year-old died on Christmas Day 2016 of natural causes, not due to drug abuse as had been rumoured.
George Michael and Kenny Goss

It will be the first time fans have been able to see behind closed doors at his multi-million pound Highgate home.

The show is set to give an insight into how the notoriously private star lived towards the end of his life.

“Kate was filming at the house on Monday and the documentary will also feature other major stars who were close to George,” a source told The Sun.

“She slipped into the house through the back door with the crew to avoid causing a scene as there are still fans who go there to pay tribute.

“Everything was kept very hushed.”

The supermodel and singer had been close friends and neighbours.

The source continued: “Kate hardly ever does interviews, especially not on camera, but this is something she’s really passionate about.

“It’s being made by his best friend David Austin. It will be an incredible tribute to George’s life.”

According to reports, the documentary, titled Freedom, will air later this year on Channel 4 in the UK.

George Michael’s ex-boyfriend Kenny Goss recently opened up about the singer’s funeral.

Goss dated the Wham! singer for 15 years, until 2009, and was among the close family and friends to attend the star’s burial in north London.

Now 58-year-old Texas art dealer Goss has opened up about the Highgate Cemetery burial last month.

He told The Sun: “I didn’t cry. I just thought, ‘That’s him in there.’”

“I pictured him being younger — aged 33 in an amazing suit with his Cartier watch on.

“I touched the coffin. It was reassuring to know he was resting in peace.”

Describing his final moments, Goss continued: “I pictured him being younger — aged 33 in an amazing suit with his Cartier watch on.

“I touched the coffin. It was reassuring to know he was resting in peace.”

None of Michael’s hits were played at the funeral, sticking to a more traditional burial service.

Stars such as Sir Elton John and Kate Moss stayed away from the event to help make it as low key as possible.

The resting spot of the late legend, in north London, will not be open to fans, however.

The grave is positioned in a private area of the London resting place and will not be accessible to the general public.

A tall barrier was placed around the gravestone after the singer’s funeral service on March 29, blocking the space from view.

His burial plot is next to his beloved mum, Lesley, who died 20 years ago in 1997.

The star had always intended to be buried next to her, buying the burial plot ready for when the occasion came around.