Spice Girls’ Geri Horner performs George Michael tribute song for the first time

Geri Horner has performed her comeback single in dedication to her late friend George Michael.

The Spice Girls star was a close friend of the legendary Wham! singer.

Horner looked nervous as she took to The One Show stage to perform the new sinlge, Angels In Chains.

The song is her first new release in 12 years.

George Michael and Geri Horner

The comeback song is dedicated to her late friend who she named her second child after.

Speaking on The One Show, the singer formerly known as Ginger Spice said: “I didn’t believe it at first.

“I didn’t know how to process it, and I was very heavily pregnant so my hormones were all over the place.”

Horner revealed she learned the news on Christmas Day from Twitter.

She performed the emotional dedication, which ends with the lyrics: “Looking back the fun that we had / It’s freedom that you gave.

“Say goodbye / You’re a star tonight / It’s time to heal the pain.”

Speaking to ITV’s Lorraine, Geri opened up about her shock at the performer’s death.

Geri said: “When I first heard the sad news of his passing, I was nine months pregnant with my son Monty and I was full of emotions.

“I didn’t know quite what to do with my feelings so I put it in a song, which became Angels in Chains.”

She added: “I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work on this record with Chris Porter and the same team George had hand picked for his own projects.”

The Raining Men singer admited she was nervous about the public reaction to the musical tribute.

She continued: “I didn’t know what to do because George wasn’t my immediate family.

“I was a friend a fan – didn’t know what to do with all my feelings.

“So just wrote a song and submitted to record company. They wanted to release it.

“It made me scared because I was vulnerable. What would people think?”