Gavin Grimm has the perfect advice on how to deal with bullies

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Trans student and advocate Gavin Grimm has some pretty sound advice on dealing with bullies.

Grimm has made a name for himself as one of the most persistent and inspiring trans activists after he sparked a court case which fought for his right to use the bathroom which corresponded with his gender identity.

Although Grimm’s case never made it to the Supreme Court, it got incredibly close.

One thing that Grimm has had to deal with a lot since being in the public eye is bullies.

From the transphobic lawyers who refused to recognise his gender, to the Trump administration who want to repeal trans protections, Grimm and the trans community have had a lot of experience tackling bullying.

The teen has now opened up about how he has dealt with bullies both in the schoolyard and in the court of law.

“It’s very difficult to find a space to be yourself and feel valued when you are different from the ‘norm,'” Grimm wrote.

“I grew up being a bullied kid, and I found respite in a small group of close friends that i [sic] developed over time. Self-love is also a wonderful armour, but it can be very hard to build up. To any bullied kid (or adult) out there — try to build some of that armour up.”

He gave the advice as part of a Q&A he did on Tumblr with Answer Time on Action.

As well as dealing with bullies, Grimm gave advice to others questioning their identity.

Grimm explained: “It’s certainly normal to have questions about yourself and be uncertain about your identity. It is a very normal part of learning and growing. Always know you are allowed to take your time!”

He also opened up about how his activism changed his future plans.

He wrote: “Before my case started, I envisioned having a very quiet life where I was able to be myself without having to disclose irrelevant personal medical information to anyone that I didn’t want to.

“But now, I don’t hesitate to be open about my identity and I take such honor and joy in being able to participate in this wonderful, rich community. I hope to continue activism to some degree for the rest of my life.”

He also revealed more everyday details about himself that don’t concern his incredible activism, including his taste in music (indie rock) and how he was doing (wonderfully).