Naked Attraction praised for featuring naked transgender people

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Dating show Naked Attraction has been praised by trans campaigners for its sensitive inclusion of two fully naked transgender people last night.

The Channel 4 reality show, which is fronted by out TV presenter Anna Richardson, features contestants picking potential dates based on their naked bodies.

The show has traditionally featured heterosexual contestants picking from six naked people of the opposite gender, but the show’s first new episode was decidedly more LGBT-inclusive.

The episode featured a pansexual contestant, Izzy, who explained she is open to love with people of all genders.
She explained: “I’m attracted to people of all genders. In terms of previous relationships, I’ve been with guys, I’ve been with women, I’ve been with trans people. Basically I’m attracted to everyone!

“I’ve slept with more people with penises, but I’ll work with what I get!”

In a break from the regular format, Izzy was given naked men and women to pick from.

Among the hopefuls were 19-year-old trans man Felix, and 22-year-old transgender woman, Isobel.

The pair, who both have not yet undergone gender confirmation surgery, both appeared fully naked on the show – with their bodies gradually revealed from the genitals upwards.

Naked Attraction praised for featuring naked transgender people

While viewing Felix’s vagina, Anna Richardson explained to Izzy: “I can tell you that the person in this pod was born with a vagina, but he identifies as a man.”

Looking at Isobel’s penis, Richardson added: “What I can tell you at this person was born with a penis but identifies as a woman.”

The show also featured a short segment explaining trans issues to viewers.

Izzy was totally fine with it, saying: “I’m loving that. I’ve dated a trans person in the past.

“I dated a trans man… there’s obviously certain things you need to be mindful of, and parts of their body they aren’t comfortable with you touching. But you’d pay that courtesy to anyone, though, wouldn’t you?”

Both the pair fared well with Izzy – Felix made it to the final three, while Isobel made it to the final two – though neither were picked as her ultimate date.

Naked Attraction praised for featuring naked transgender people

The two trans contestants appear to have found the experience cathartic.

Felix said: “It was great to be respected as a guy, regardless of what bits I have.”

Isobel added: “Getting naked while transitioning from male to female definitely was a good experience, especially since I thought I’d get kicked out first round! To get to the final two was just mind-bending, I did not see it coming.”

The show had made specific efforts to reach out to the LGBT community, seeking people of “any gender or sexuality” for the current series.

Disclosure: Naked Attraction advertised on PinkNews to recruit LGBT contestants.