Channel 4’s Naked Education praised for celebrating trans bodies – despite backlash from a few bigots

Lucian Main (L) and Finlay Games (R) are two trans men featured on Channel 4's new series, Naked Education.

Channel 4’s new body positivity series Naked Education focused on trans men and their experiences of gender-affirming care in its latest episode (18 April), and bigots are up in arms.

Led by Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson, Naked Education brings people from across the UK together to discuss how they see their own bodies, addressing topics including body dysmorphia and disabilities.

The most recent episode saw two trans men, Lucian Main and Finlay Games, who are at different stages in their transitions, sit down to discuss their gender journey so far.

Finlay, 49, opened up about his experience of gender dysphoria and getting top and bottom surgery, and offered guidance to Lucian, who is younger and has as yet only decided to have top surgery.

Both men explained how gender-affirming care stopped them from feeling “lost”.

Finlay Games and Lucian Main in a screenshot for Channel 4's Naked Education.
Lucian Main and Finlay Games discuss the reality of living as trans men on Channel 4’s new series, Naked Education. (Channel 4)

While the aim of the episode was to explain what transitioning is like for trans men, told directly by those who have experienced it, a number of people online are voicing their fury.

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Martin Daubney, GB News presenter and former deputy leader of Laurence Fox’s failed Reclaim Party, claimed that the Channel 4 show had turned into a “trans activist advert”, while Malcolm Clark, co-founder of the anti-trans group LGB Alliance, shared a post about how the show was “blatant trans propaganda”.

Clark criticised Channel 4 for focussing on Finlay’s experience of gender-affirming surgery, rather than delving into his past experiences with his mental and physical health

Others aimed the age-old “groomer” slur at the TV network, due to the fact that a section of Naked Education, entitled Teen Talk, focuses on teenagers seeing naked models and discussing body issues. However, neither Lucian nor Finlay appear in this section at all.

Alongside a string of negative comments, there has also been a wave of positive ones, too.

Naked Education is informative, educational, empathetic, compassionate, and truly groundbreaking,” wrote one social media user.

“I watched Naked Education tonight and found it informative and thought provoking. Seeing more real people and diverse appearances can only be a good thing, for all ages,” said another.

“Watching Naked Education for the first time. I wish there had been television programmes like this when I was a young person,” a third chimed. “The positive body message – whatever your size or shape should be shared so every young person grows up to love who they are.”

Finlay himself has addressed the backlash, explaining that the positive comments he has received since make the experience worth it.

“I’ve had so many wonderful messages, such lovely kind words, and that’s why I took part, that’s always why I share and what makes any negativity and hateful comments worthwhile,” he wrote in a tweet.

He further explained why he was “incredibly proud” to take part in a blog post on his website.

Series host Anna Richardson shared her support for Finlay too, highlighting that the show is simply about how “varied and normal” all human bodies are.

Naked Education continues on Channel 4 every Tuesday at 8pm. The latest episode of Naked Education is available to watch now.

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