These artists turned homophobic tweets into loving artwork and it’s brilliant

Anti-LGBT tweets are still not unusual – the internet has plenty of trolls.

But while the trolls sit at their keyboards pouring out hate, some activists have been taking them on with art.

As part of a special project ahead of Pride in London, Smirnoff (the vodka people) commissioned artists to turn hateful tweets into loving artwork.

It comes after a report by Galop, the LGBT+ anti-violence charity, revealed that one in three members of the LGBT community (31%) have experienced online abuse because of who they are.

In the last year, Galop reported a marked increase in the amount of online abuse being posted on social media increase.

Alison Camps, Co-chair for Pride in London commented: “We are pleased that Smirnoff is taking the issue of LGBT+ hate directed towards the community via social media so seriously, it is something that Pride in London is also extremely concerned about.

“Our ‘Love Happens Here’ campaign is all about taking a stand against hate in all its forms, and sadly social media is an environment where it is all too easy for prejudiced views to be openly expressed.”

Take a look at Smirnoff’s #chooselove campaign – which you can see at their East London exhibition (details at the bottom).

1. What every troll on the internet should really do.

By Chaz Hutton

2. The gay mafia.

By Chaz Hutton

3. Be *exactly* who you are.

By Becca Human

4. The Kinsey Scale is real. Our caring what you think is not.

By Chaz Hutton

5. We cannot express how stupid you sound.

By Lucas Levitan.

6. FAME, I wanna live forever…

By Marylou Faure

7. And this beautiful image of love <3

By Ricardo Bessa

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Chris Laidlaw, Head of Smirnoff Europe commented: “We are proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with the LGBT+ community for over 20 years.

“We feel that it is our responsibility to help encourage diversity, equality and inclusivity in society.

“Smirnoff wants to put a spotlight upon the worrying trend that Galop has identified, and through our #chooselove campaign we hope to have a positive impact that encourages a dialogue of understanding, respect and compassion in both social media and wider society.

“By collectively taking action we can all spread a message of inclusivity, diversity and love.”

If you want to visit the exhbition, tit’s on Thursday 6th July and Friday 7th July between 10am and 8pm, at 347 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LP.