‘Sad poop’ chosen over trans pride flag for new set of emoji

Candidates for a new set of emoji to be introduced have been announced, and the list omits to include a transgender pride flag.

The list, published by cnet, which includes a sad poop, a lobster and a lacrosse stick and ball, does not include the much sought-after trans pride flag.

The co-founder and president of Unicode which makes the emoji announced 67 new “draft candidates” for Unicode 11.0.

Sad face emoji

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The candidates will be voted on in the coming months and will be launched in June 2018.

But emoji fans took to Twitter to complain that there is no trans symbol or flag included.

There is already a pride emoji, but no specific emoji for the trans flag or symbols for bisexual, asexual, pansexual or genderfluid.

There are also emoji for same-sex couples holding hands, kissing and smiling with their children. But a surprising lack of emoji to represent other parts of the LGBT+ community.

One Twitter user wrote: “Sadly it doesn’t look like a #trans pride flag made it onto the list of possible new emojis for 2018 #LGBT”.

Last month, on World Emoji Day, UK-based transgender charity Mermaids called for emoji reflecting trans life.

“Our #trans kids would [love] one that represents them – we need a #transgender flag emoji! #RT if you agree!”

Facebook unveiled a rainbow flag reaction in honour of Pride Month, and then brought it back for countries when they were celebrating their local Pride parade.

But the process for getting the Unicode Consortium – which is in charge of making industry-standard emojis – to release new creations is more arduous.

transgender flag getty


Getting a rainbow flag emoji took years of campaigning from LGBT activists on the subject.

It also took until 2015 for emoji featuring same-sex couples and families with same-sex parents to become standard.

But fans of the Facebook Pride reaction had some bad news this week.

The social networking site began to remove the reaction for users after Pride events closed.

Grindr also released its own emoji – and they are as x-rated as you’d imagine.