Christian rapper says anti-gay laws in Nigeria are ‘stupid’

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A Christian rapper in Nigeria has hit out at the country’s anti-gay laws.

MI Abaga has sparked a debate after his recent comments on the Middle Ground podcast, where he regularly talks with Loose Kaynon and April Maey.

Speaking on a recent episode, MI discussed the “stupid” anti-LGBT laws that are in place in Nigeria and contrasted them with the lack of legislation against other supposedly “immoral” acts, like adultery.

Nigeria LGBTIs
Nigeria LGBTIs

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“When you look at the demographics of Nigeria you realise we’re years away from having a conversation about homosexuality or transgender,” MI said.

“My personal take… it’s not my business what anybody does… everybody has a right to privacy.”

He added that the law as it stands is unenforceable, as to get proof of someone engaging in same-sex sexual activity, you have to infringe their privacy by, for example, taking their phone.

Homosexuality is illegal across Nigeria, and in the Christian south can be punished by up to 14 years imprisonment.

In the north, where some areas are governed with an implementation of strict Sharia law, the punishment can even include execution by stoning.

Not all of MI’s fans agreed with his position, with many messaging him on Twitter to express their disapproval,

“I never thought I’d ever disagree with M.I on anything but saying Nigeria’s law on Gays/Lasbians [sic] is wrong…I totally disagree sir,” said one.

“I’m terribly disappointed,” said another.

One said: “Ofcuz it’s totally wrong.”

MI Abaga replied: “My thinking.. I was born straight.. I wd never want 2b punished 4 who I am.. because of this.. I wouldn’t punish som1 else for who they are.

“Cheating and adultery are wrong.. but they are not criminalized.. and no form of consensual adult expression of love should be.. my opinion.”

Mi Abanga
Mi Abanga

One of his followers asked: “Please explain to me why there should be same sex attraction. I want to understand.”

He replied: “I’m not arguing that there should be.. I have and am only attracted to women.. I am also a Christian that aspires to Gods teaching on sex.

“My point is that there should be an allowance for choice in the law.. I’m not advocating changing beliefs.. I am advocating changing law.”

After receiving many more replied, MI said: “I know this topic is sensitive.. and offends many people.

“However let us share views w respect and yearning for knowledge. I want 2 learn 2.”

He later added: “Man.. opinions are really expensive in 2017… Want to share yours.. be prepared to pay the cost.”

Watch the MI Abaga ‘Everything’ music video below: