Drag queen knocks out man who snatches her wig (WATCH)

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Drag queens can be divas at the best of times, but one queen has shown how fierce she is in a viral clip.

Drag act Heiress Blackstone was doing a piece to camera when she had her wig snatched.

The Irish performer couldn’t believe what had happened – and seemingly gave a pretty hefty reaction.

Drag queen knocks out man who snatches her wig (WATCH)

While speaking, a man walks past, notices it is a drag queen, and takes the wig from on her head.

After a split second for the theft to sink in, Heiress then turns to look at the man.

With hardly a moment’s pause she appears to punch him, knocking the man to the ground.

You can watch the video here.

The full context of the clip is not known.

The performer is yet to explicitly post about the incident online, except for one tweet to Michelle Visage referring to a wig.

Drag queen knocks out man who snatches her wig (WATCH)

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Some have claimed the clip could be a publicity stunt ahead of her new show, which she refers to in the video.

If it is a publicity stunt, however, then the performer hasn’t gone to great lengths to publicise it.

And while violence can never be condoned, this may warn some people off stealing a drag queen’s wig again.