Man set his boss on fire because of alleged ‘unwanted homosexual advances’

A man who set his boss on fire after he allegedly came on to him has been jailed.

David Scott, from Western Australian, doused his boss in diesel fuel as he slept, then used a burning broomstick to send a fireball into his caravan cabin.

He has now been sentenced to five years and four months behind bars.

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Scott was working for victim Anthony Charles Wray at the time, the court heard, and was living in a neighbouring cabin.

Scott claimed he was provoked by his boss making “unwanted homosexual advances”.

District Court of WA Judge David Parry described the offence as bizarre and potentially catastrophic for Mr Wray.

Mr Wray jumped to his feet after being doused and was hit in the chest with a fireball before fleeing the cabin.

“You looked at him and said nothing,” Judge Parry said.


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The 32-year-old had not been drinking and his only explanation was that Mr Wray made unwanted advances towards him.

“The jury obviously did not accept your version of events,” the judge said.

He will be eligible for parole.