Celebrity Big Brother: Ann Widdecombe branded ‘intimidating’ by other housemates

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has been criticised inside of the Celebrity Big Brother house for ‘intimidating’ other housemates.

During Wednesday’s episode, Apprentice star Andrew Brady ranted to drag star Courtney Act about Ann Widdecombe and how her strict routine prevented other housemates from staying up late or relaxing.

Andrew criticised Ann for the effect she apparently has on the house, saying: “Ann is intimidating. You can’t talk to Ann about anything because you will not win.

“You will not even get your voice heard. Ann intimidates people.”

(Photo: Channel 5)

He continued: “Ann intimidates the girls in that room. That’s why the girls aren’t willing to stay out all night because it’s a case of ‘oh Ann’s gone to bed at f*****g half 9, let’s all go to bed.’”

Ann has previously described herself as “Puritan” during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, notably maintaining a strict routine and bedtime for herself and therefore those she shares a room with.

During Wednesday’s episode, Ann was seen moving around the house in order to find Ashley, as Big Brother would not turn off the bedroom lights until she was in bed.

(Photo: Channel 5)

Courtney agreed with Andrew’s concerns, saying: “I do agree with you on that respect. I think if Ann weren’t here we would have a very different house dynamic. I think that’s a fair statement.”

When asked whether the female housemates admired Ann, Courtney added: “There’s a difference between admiration and fear.”

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Ann became the most voted for out of five housemates nominated for this Friday’s upcoming eviction, receiving four votes for eviction from her fellow housemates.

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In a previous episode, drag star Courtney Act was shown to nominate Ann for eviction, referencing her “morally conservative” views as a reason for her eviction.

During her time in the house, Ann Widdecombe has come to blows with fellow housemates due to her views on many LGBT issues, including same-sex marriage.

The former Conservative MP told Courtney and former housemate India Willoughby that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.

(Photo: Channel 5)

Courtney had researched the voting record of the retired MP prior to entering the CBB house and was keen to quiz Ann’s views.

She said: “I understand you voted against any pro-LGBT legislation in parliament in your 23 years?”

Ann replied: “It would depend which piece of legislation I was voting on.”

“Let’s start with marriage equality,” Shane said, before Ann interjected: “You call it marriage equality, I call it the re-definition of marriage.”

Former MP Ann Widdecombe listens to a speaker at anti-marriage equality group Coalition for Marriage (Getty)

This season of the reality television show is expected to be one of the longest ever, with ‘leaked’ tweets from fansite TV 24/7 speculating that the show will end February 2.

This would mean that the show will have lasted 32 days.

Channel 5 representatives have maintained that they have not released the date of the final episode, telling The Sun: “We haven’t confirmed the finale date.”