Leaked anti-gay Jehovah’s Witnesses video to be shown to 7 million people

A leaked Jehovah’s Witnesses video that peddles anti-gay views is set to be shown to seven million people.

The video starts in a board room meeting where a group of men are brainstorming experiences which they can share – and one of the pinpoints “Sally”.

The clip then cuts to a young woman walking around what appears to be a market.

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She see’s women wearing rainbow bracelets, with rainbow posters showing two stick-figure women holding hands.

When she goes to the till she’s asked if she would like to “make a donation to the marathon”, to which Sally says “no, thank you”.

She then walks to a separate store and purchases a blanket.

While waiting she sees a number of women wearing the bracelet.

The woman who serves her asks Sally if she would like her rainbow bracelet in the bag or if she would like to wear it now.

“No thank you,” Sally repeats again.

“What’s wrong honey?” A third woman then questions her. “You got something against them?”

“Well no I don’t have anything against them personally,” she begins to reply, but she is then cut off.

“So what’s the problem?”

“I respect that they have a right to choose their lifestyle but as a Bible reader,” Sally begins to try and explain.

“Excuse me I’m a bible reader too I go to church and our church is one of the biggest supporters for this marathon,” the woman replies.

The video then takes a bizarre introspective moment when Sally reassures herself in her discriminatory views.

“Displaying courage now will help me display courage in the future,” a voice tells her.

“Well I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and we believe the bible teaches sex is for a man and a woman who are married,” Sally says.

The video, which is made my JW’s, nails it when the woman calls Sally “intolerant”.

It flashes back to the board room where the men say her actions “took courage”.

It finishes with the same man saying “I asked her to think about when the political powers destroy religion. At that time people won’t want to admit they’re religious and for us to admit we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses then well that’s going to require the same type of courage that she displayed at that market.”

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The video has been slammed by critics because of it’s “homophobic” rhetoric.

Louise Goode was in the Jehovah’s Witness church for 30 years. Now, she runs a podcast for defectors from the church and is arranging protests against the Summer Convention where the video will be shown.

Goode told PinkNews: “The Jehovah’s Witnesses have promoted homophobia for decades. Children who have been born in and grown up to become LGBT have been cruelly excommunicated and prevented from having any communication whatsoever with their Jehovah’s Witness family through the policy of disfellowshipping.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses, including children, are actively encouraged to express homophobic views in public, in apparent defiance of laws against discrimination and hate speech. Having been born in and brainwashed by this cult myself, I am mortified that I too once held such disgusting opinions about my fellow human beings. I am saddened that JW children are still being taught attitudes that belong firmly in the dark ages,” she added.