What is gender capitalism? Model Rain Dove: ‘Don’t judge people by their genitals’

American gender capitalist model Rain Dove has given an interview in which they say not to judge people by their genitals, but as individuals instead.

Speaking to the Loose Women panel on ITV, Dove also forced host Andrea McLean to apologise after they accidentally swore during the live interview.

They said “s**t” during the interview, in which they discussed the challenges faced by most of the population in life.

Speaking to the panel, Dove said: “You have to look at everyone as an individual, not a set of genitals. Look at them as individuals through their personal experiences. Everyone, no matter who you are, is gonna get s**t… sorry! I can’t say that!”

Later in the interview, Dove joked: “I’m American”, about the gaffe,

But McLean said: “I hear your point but we do apologise! We have run out of time and it’s nothing to do with you saying that. We have genuinely run out of time.”

Dove, who models for both menswear and womenswear fashion collections, explained what is meant by the term gender capitalist, which they identify as.

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It’s someone who recognises there are certain advantages and disadvantages to being a specific sex or gender.

“A good example is if I were alive during the time of the Titanic. As a male, I would get a job on the boat as men got paid higher and there weren’t really any women who got hired. But as soon as that ship was sinking, they said women and children first.”

Continuing, the model also expanded on the idea of gender fluidity more generally.

They said: “If I want to go to a club and save money because women are deemed sexual objects you’ll save money with no cover charge and people buying you drinks. You just have to be strong enough to put up your boundaries.

“But if I want to go home after that with a few drinks in my body, I would go home presenting myself what we deem to be male or masculine, as it’s safer. You don’t get bothered and are less likely to be mugged.”

Continuing, Dove said: “I think the goal is to change this from a moment to a movement. As people, we didn’t choose our bodies. Nobody called us up when the cells were dividing and said, ‘What skin colour do you want? What genitals? What size do you want to be?’ We came out as unique individuals and we’re getting punished for something we didn’t choose.”

The panel on the daytime show said they were nervous to discuss gender identity issues in case they accidentally made a faux pas when talking about them.

Dove said a “pronoun is just a sound”, and that generally, situations are fine as long as they are said with positive intention.

“For me, I feel like my life changed and I was free when I dropped labels but for some people, they are free when they know their label,” Dove said.

“I think it comes down to getting to know somebody, having positive intentions and being as respectful as possible.”

Speaking about whether they are attracted to people who identify as male or female, Dove said: “I know I have a preference for a specific type of genitalia as I can navigate them a bit better, but I don’t know what my future holds and I don’t want to hold myself from love because of a label.

“We are so limited by the need for food, shelter, gravity, so why would we want to limit ourselves any more? Love is one of the only free things that smacks us across the face and we should embrace it.”

Check out the interview with Rain Dove via Loose Women, below:

Dove back in 2016 gave a brilliant answer when asked the question of whether they model for men’s or women’s fashion collections.

Standing tall at 6’2″, Dove identifies as a gender capitalist, and models both men’s and womenswear, but they don’t see it that way.