Everything Sucks! lesbian star is the teen hero the queer community deserves

kate messner Netflix

Have you watched Everything Sucks! yet?

For all of the 90s kids, the show offers a syrupy dose of nostalgia with its punchy Nirvana references and Tamagotchi pets – and of course, a timeless punch of teen angst.

And for the lesbian, bi and queer women who watch the show – there is (finally!) a relatable character – a young teen woman exploring the realisation that she is gay.

Kate Messner, who is the daughter of Principal Mr Messner, is befriended by lovestruck Luke O’Neil (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), who asks her to be his girlfriend.

It is when Kate declares her sexuality to Luke and begins to explore what it means to be a lesbian that queer female watchers started to get all of the feels.

“There’s barely any representation for girlfriends in high school,” said Peyton Kennedy, who plays Kate Messner in the series, to Buzzfeed.

“There’s a bit of representation in older generations, but I think for the teens who are watching it who identify with these characters, they will be able to feel comfort and hopefully acceptance at the end of the show.”

Speaking to Kate’s romantic interested Emeline (Sydney Sweeney), the pair make it clear that love is love, no matter what gender or orientation.

“Kate knows what she wants and Emaline doesn’t,” Sweeney said. “For Emaline, love is just love. It doesn’t matter if it’s between a girl and a girl or a guy and a girl, so she just embraces that.”

The show has received a stellar reception from its audience, right through from Shannon Beveridge to your friendly neighbourhood queers.

The complete first series of Everything Sucks is available on Netflix.