Anderson Cooper announces split from long-term boyfriend

Anderson Cooper has announced his split from his long-term partner Benjamin Maisani.

Releasing a statement to People earlier this week, the 50-year-old news anchor said that he and Benjamin were still friends despite the split.

Cooper said: “Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other very much.

“We remain the best of friends, and will continue to share much of our lives together.”

The pair had been together for nine years.

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Cooper is best known for his work on CNN, where he presents Anderson Cooper 360.

Cooper made headlines late last year after a tweet from his account to Donald Trump called the President a “pathetic loser”.

Shortly after this tweet, Cooper and CNN communications stated that his account had been hacked.

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Cooper also tweeted to say that he “woke up to find out someone gained access” to his account.

“I have not sent a tweet in days or replied to any tweets. We are looking into how this happened,” he added.

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Last year, Anderson Cooper reportedly distanced himself from comic Kathy Griffin after she posed for photographs holding a bloodied, ‘beheaded’ President Donald Trump.

The graphic image caused an uproar, with prominent Trump critic Griffin being forced to apologise for the ‘stunt’ in a grovelling video.

Cooper and Griffin (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Cooper, with whom she anchored CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage since 2007 and was a friend of Griffin’s, was among those to condemn the images.

He posted: “For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.

She was subsequently fired by the channel, and the photo shoot described as “disgusting and offensive.”

Griffin hit out at the news anchor at the time, as he had not contacted her.