Gus Kenworthy crowd surfed at Miami Beach Pride and it was iconic

Olympic heartthrob Gus Kenworthy has once again won our hearts, this time by jumping into a willing crowd at a pride event in Florida.

Gus Kenworthy, who is best known as the first action sports star to come out during his career, has soared into the hearts of many after coming out prior to the 2018 Winter Olympic games in South Korea.

After a spate of media appearances and celebrity hangouts, his most recent stop was in Miami Beach. Kenworthy was the Grand Marshal of the popular Miami Beach Pride event, riding through the crowd of people.

(Photo: @GusKenworthy / Twitter)

Kenworthy was also awarded the key to the city during his visit to the Florida capital.

After speaking on the main stage of the event, the skier then jumped into the crowd, surfing along the top of the group of fans.

As Kenworthy began to be lifted across the crowd, stage hosts Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard reportedly shouted contradictory advice into the masse of people, as one emphasised consent by saying, “No package grabbing!”

Another host reportedly said, “Feel his butt for me!”

Kenworthy in the parade (Photo: @lag305 / Instagram)

He was carried across the group before being gently put down a considerable distance from the stage.

Posting a video of the crowd-surf to Instagram, Kenworthy said to Gay Star News that it was “definitely my highlight of the day!”

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Speaking at the event, Kenworthy said “Pride is so important and Miami does it right. It’s such an honour to be here.”

Kenworthy autographed several pride flags at the event. (Photo: @phillyfreedm Instagram)

Since his appearance at the Winter Olympics, Kenworthy has become a household name, as well as a role model for many LGBT people.

Earlier this year Kenworthy opened up about his coming out story, revealling how he first came out to his dog.

The Olympic athlete said that he knew he was gay from the age of five, but he “was afraid of being different,” so it became his “secret.”

As he grew older, he began it understand what his sexuality meant, but he wasn’t “ready to accept it at all”.

At 11, he came out to the first person ever – his dog Mack.

“He was my best friend,. I guess he was the first person I told I was gay. I remember whispering it to him and being like don’t tell anyone. He didn’t,” Kenworthy quipped.

Never change Gus, never change.

Watch Gus Kenworthy’s dive into the crowd, from his perspective, below:

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