People are using the #embracethequeer hashtag to celebrate their identities

Across the world, people are sharing their photos using the #embracethequeer hashtag to celebrate and promote their sexual and gender identities.

The hashtag went viral as Twitter users posted selfies of themselves, some in the search of a partner, and others in support of the wider queer community.

Earlier this year the hashtag #singlequeers went viral in a similar way, as users posted about their identities online in an inspiring show of support for those who have ever felt different across the world.

While some users posted selfies in the search of a partner…

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Others used the hashtag to promote the importance of a bit of self-love.


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Others took sets of photos to embrace the occasion.


While others just posted selfies with cute messages…


And others exposed deeper and more serious topics.



Check out the last time Twitter erupted with an explosion of queerness, when the hashtag #singlequeers went viral earlier this year.

The platform is generally a place of tolerance, diversity and acceptance, but once recently the platform got it wrong when they labelled the word queer as a slur.

The social platform was banning people who used the word queer to describe themselves.

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Users were being contacted and told their accounts had been blocked when actually, queer these days is used as a positive umbrella term for all sexuality and gender expressions on the spectrum.

The term had in the past been a gay slur used by homophobes, before it was reclaimed.

Users were quick to respond, one saying in retort “we reclaimed the hell out of that word” and others noting that the term is also academic, with queer theory being an accepted term for the study of LGBT+ history and culture.

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