These are the best lesbian sex positions

If you’re already well-versed in lesbian sex, you’ve probably been here, done this, bought the t-shirt.

That said, you might be in the throws of dreaded lesbian bed death, or just bored stiff, apathetic and in need of inspiration.

Lesbian sex has bewildered man since the dawn of man. Since the dawn of man, however, lesbians all over the world have been putting themselves in a wide variety of positions, causing each other to orgasm, squirt and gasp.

Whether you like giving, receiving or both, humping, scissoring or strap-ons, here are a few of our favourite – albeit fairly basic – sapphic sex moves.

Missionary humping and grinding

Absolutely back-to-basics with this one – but it’s a gem. One of you lies on your back, the other one gets on top and, well, you bump and grind your pelvises together until at least one of you has a lovely big orgasm.

Legs in the air humping and grinding

Orange is the New Black (Netflix/screengrab)

As above, one of you lies on your back, but with your legs in the air, as your partner faces you and leans in on top of you, pushing your legs back as she does. Rub pelvic bones and clits together, with no legs getting in the way of your orgasm.

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Carol (StudioCanal)

Pretty self explanatory. One of you lies on your back, the other kneels over her shoulders and sits on her partner’s face. To do it comfortably, the giver should lie on her back, and the receiver should lift a leg over the giver’s shoulders and slowly squat down. Don’t put all your weight on her face, preferably.



We all know what the 69 position is, but if you missed that memo back in junior school when the resident ‘lil shit’ told everyone, the 69 is one underneath and one on top, but facing each other’s genitals. So, one girl lies down on her back, and the other kneels over her head and moves on in. Takes a bit of shuffling around to get yourselves in the right place, but well worth it.

Lazy 69


Lie on your sides facing each other’s downstairs and go down on each other. Same as above, but on the side, instead of over/under.

Classic scissoring

(Comedy Central/screengrab)

As we’ve explained before, scissoring is essentially just genital-to-genital contact. Also known as tribbing, scissoring can be done in different positions and requires sexual partners to move their legs back and forth, while rubbing their genitals together, resembling the movement of scissors – obviously.

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Finger banging

The L Word (Showtime/screengrab)

Another classic, which involves the receiver on her back, or sitting on a chair (or on whatever she likes) while the giver faces the her and uses her fingers to penetrate. Using your hands means you’ll really get to know your partner’s vagina, which is always a good thing.

Giving head

You can give oral in various positions, obviously. One of you can stand, as the other kneels in front of her. The standing girl should drape one leg over her partner’s shoulder while she gets good head.

And, as above, but one girl leans against a wall. Comfy.

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You can do it lying down – so one of you lies on your back, the other goes down on her. This is a good position if you want to use your fingers to penetrate her, too.

And, even better than all of the above (in our opinion) – one of you lies on your back, while the other kneels between her legs, which she drapes over her shoulders before the oral begins.

Missionary strap-on


If you enjoy using strap-ons (and not all of us do), this is a classic. Like straight sex, except one girl pops a peen on and penetrates her partner, banging her like all those male-female couples.

Can obviously be done doggy style, too.

Seated strap-on

Tipping the Velvet (BBC/screengrab)

Pretty simple. The one wearing a strap-on sits on the chair. The other sits atop the other girl and rides the strap-on.

Leg riding

Chloe (Sony Pictures Classics)

One person should lie down on her back with one leg arched. The other can straddle the leg and ride it as she rubs her clitoris against it.

Sort-of doggy rubby

Lipstick mouth (Maxpixel)

One of you gets on all fours, while the other straddles her hips and rubs her clitoris against her partner’s tailbone. (Yeah, we very quickly came up with the name ‘Sort-of Doggy Rubby.’)

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