Scottish gay couple ‘attacked for holding hands’

A Scottish couple were assaulted this week as they left a gay club in Edinburgh.

Andy Millin, 32, was walking with his boyfriend Cameron Stringer, 26, at the end of a night out on Saturday when they were attacked outside CC Blooms nightclub in the city.

Cameron was targeted first, but Andy says he stepped in to help him and was left with an injury that required stitches.

He shared images of his face following the incident, which he alleges took place because the two were holding hands.

Andy Millin / Facebook

They called police immediately but were unhappy with the response as officers only arrived at their home at 1:30pm the next day.

Writing on Facebook, he said: “I have never been so disappointed in the police system in my life, after protecting my boyfriend from being attacked because we were holding hands.

“I don’t give a fuck about my injuries but after I was attacked he was then punched and the guy ran away.”

Millin / Facebook

Millin says they flagged down a police car for help, but officers only came by to their home at 1:30pm the following day.

He added: “They’ve said they’re going to check CCTV and see if they can get anything from that.

We’ve been worried because we couldn’t remember their appearance so we wouldn’t recognise them in the street. So we’ve been walking past people a bit paranoid.

They pair say they do not have a clear recollection of the attacker’s face, because it all happened so fast.

The police said they are treating the incident as a hate crime and have urged people with information to come forward.