This advert has a lesbian love story – and it’s amazing

A tear-jerking new advert about a lesbian couple is making people wonder why it seems so difficult for Hollywood to do the same.

Entitled “Now & Then,” the adorable video – which was put together to advertise Las Vegas – opens with two women embracing and one telling the other: “Let’s get married.”

Her girlfriend responds: “Yeah, right. On what planet?”

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“I’m serious. We knew we’d get married the night we met. We met here.”

After a flashback to their first meeting, she adds: “Let’s get married here, tonight. It’s Las Vegas.”

As they walk around the scenic city, the woman who proposed asks her girlfriend about her relationship with her mum and dad.

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“What do you mean, your parents aren’t proud of you?” she asks.

“You are beautiful, successful – ”

“I’m charming,” the girlfriend interjects, causing her partner to add “funny” to the list.

But, she says sadly, “I don’t think it’s my sense of humour that they have an issue with.”

As the pair scale the desert landscape outside of the city, she explains: “They don’t see the world the way we do.”

“Well, how do you know that if you never ask?” comes the reply.

“I don’t have to ask. I know that.”

“Well if you never ask, you can’t know,” the woman who popped the question says.

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We don’t want to ruin the emotional climax, so feel free to scroll to the bottom of the article if you want to watch the advert before reading about its ending.

As the pair continue their adventures around Vegas, they stumble on a wedding ceremony.

“Look! It’s a wedding,” says the proposer.

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“It’s fate! Let’s just peak.”

After some hesitation, her girlfriend follows her into the building – and promptly starts crying as she is met with the sight of her friends and family.

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They embrace, and she repeats: “Let’s get married.

Through tears, her girlfriend says: “I can’t – my parents…”

“Call them,” she’s told.

So she does, and after a phone starts ringing in the crowd, her mum and dad stand up.

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“Let’s get married!” she tells her soon-to-be wife.

People were delighted with the wonderful advert, which has been viewed around 250,000 times.

One person wrote: “This is such a beautiful ad! I literally thought it was for a show or movie when I first saw it on Hulu. I was almost sad that it wasn’t!

Same, to be honest.

Another fan said: “This was amazing and beautiful and wonderful! Thank you!!!” while one wrote: “how can this even be a commercial? Better than most lesbian movies/films I’ve ever seen! BRAVO!!!!!”

That was a common reaction – and we don’t blame them.

Mars also attracted praise earlier this month with an advert which featured a hilarious discussion about lesbian dating.


In February, a McCain advert came out which included lesbian couple Kimberly and Molly kissing, dancing and cooking together.

(McCain UK/YouTube)

The advert came after gay couple Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi were subjected to horrific slurs on social media after appearing in a McCain advert with their young son Carter.

People compared the couple to paedophiles, labelled them as sick and accused them of neglecting their 19-month-old son Carter because he didn’t have a mother present in his life.

Watch the beautiful advert below: