Years & Years’ Olly Alexander finally met the Queer Eye guys – and it’s adorable

Years & Years’ Olly Alexander has at long last met the Queer Eye guys – and their Twitter posts are too much for us to handle.

The glittery frontman revealed in an interview on Thursday with BBC Radio 1’s Greg James that he has been trying to get in touch with the Fab Five for a long time – and feels destined to become the show’s sixth honorary member.

Alexander, who is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights and issues, said: “I have been tweeting various different guys from Queer Eye for a while, just thinking that one of them would maybe give me a favourite or a like, maybe a re-tweet, maybe a response – nothing!”

He added: “I want to be the sixth Queer Eye.”

And, it looks like Alexander’s longing words reached far and wide.

Soon after Alexander’s confession, Queer Eye stars Karamo Brown and Antoni Porowski started tweeting the musician, tagging him in posts alongside love heart emojis. Brown even added the caption: “You are everything!”

Alexander, understandably, couldn’t handle the social media onslaught from the Queer Eye guys, simply re-tweeting Porowski’s tweet with the caption “WHATS HAPPENING”.

Even better…Alexander actually got to meet the stars!

Design expert Bobby Berk took to Twitter on Saturday to post a photo of their meeting at BBC’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, where Years & Years played a set.

Sadly, grooming man Jonathan Van Ness was nowhere to be seen – but the photo is still adorable.

And, it sounds like at least two of the Fab Five met Alexander’s mum…

Responding to the post, one fan wrote on Twitter: “Im so happy for you…. a little jealous too!!!”

Another Twitter user said: “I love you all so much, this is incredible!!!”

Alexander also did what any Queer Eye fan what do in his situation: give culture guru and all round babe Karamo a big cuddle.

Alexander is gearing up for the release of Year & Years’ second album Palo Santo in July. Two singles have already been released, called ‘Sanctify’, which is about straight men experimenting with their sexuality, and ‘If You’re Over Me.’

Last month, Alexander revealed that he’d love to be in a thruple – three person couple – but only if he could still live alone.

He told the BBC: “What I think would suit me was if I was in a thruple and the other two guys lived in a house nearby.

When the band first broke into the scene, Alexander shared that he was advised to stay in the closet for the benefit of his career.

Alexander, a trailblazing queer icon, has also presented a moving documentary entitled Growing Up Gay for the BBC’s Gay Britannia season, which celebrated the anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.