10 times Antoni from Queer Eye was the ultimate Instagram thirst trap

Antoni Porowski (Antoni Porowski)

Queer Eye is coming back to Netflix on June 15 for its highly anticipated second season.

Before then, we have plenty of time to brush up on the first season’s makeovers and keep a close eye on the Fab Five’s respective social media pages for nuggets of information about the episodes and makeovers to come.

But the lifestyle experts make it very difficult not to get distracted by how gorgeous they are.

Food and wine expert Antoni Porowski not only made a name for himself with his easy recipes, he’s also a massive, deadly and delightful thirst trap. Of course, we know there’s more to him than his looks, but when the man poses in a bathrobe with giant Toblerone bars – not an euphemism – it would be a waste to look away.

PinkNews made the ultimate sacrifice of scrutinising Mr Porowski’s Instagram in order to find the best snacks and poses the Netflix guru has to offer.

Thankfully, the man is active on Instagram and there are plenty to choose from.

Here are our 10 favourites:

Let’s take a cue from Antoni’s cooking mantra and go back to the basics, with the place that started it all: the kitchen.


We feel compelled to bring up the fact Antoni loves dogs. He. Really. Does.

The dog, the man, we can’t. (@Antoni/Instagram)

But most of all – and this should come as no surprise – the man loves food. Hanging out with edibles is literally a passion of his.

Here he is, walking his bread in the streets of Paris.


“Don’t mind me, just chilling with my giant Toblerone.”


And who can forget the iconic photoshoot where he hugged a cabbage?


And in case you doubted it, Antoni is eco-friendly and loves to hang out in the wild, often without a shirt one. Who are we to keep him from fulfilling his passion?



He loves plants as much as he likes food.


Of course, Antoni is at his sweetest when he hangs out with his Queer Eye cast mates.



The lifestyle experts were in London earlier this month to promote the new season of the Netflix hit series and recently graced us with lovely promotional pics, like this one, where the five friends hold balloons in the sunset.



We honestly can’t wait for Queer Eye Season 2.