Angry young preacher calls for US government to ‘execute’ gay people

A 22-year-old preacher has said gay people should be given the “death penalty” in an interview with YouTube personality Skylar Fiction.

Matt Powell, who also hosts a YouTube channel, added that he believed in a “humane” approach.

“As far as homosexuality goes, you know, I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell said. “I believe it’s disgusting.”

In the video, Fiction asks: “You don’t believe that gay people should be stoned to death, do you?”

To which Powell responds: “I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it.

LGBT campaigners protest outside Westboro Baptist Church (Getty)

“Obviously, not by me or anybody in a regular society, obviously. I believe it’s the government’s job to execute criminals.

“I believe that the Bible says clearly that homosexuality is a criminal crime. It’s a crime. It’s one of the worst crimes ever.”

Fiction then questions Powell on whether he is advocating for the US government to “stone” gay people “to death to execute them.”

“By whatever means they execute people,” Powell answers. “And obviously, I believe in humane, you know, putting to death.”



“That’s what the Bible says. I believe the Bible. I didn’t write the Bible.”

Earlier this week, a 68-year-old US preacher asked his followers to help him buy his fourth private jet, worth £41 million.

In a video posted to his website, televangelist Jesse Duplantis said God had told him to purchase another plane – even specifying which type he should get.

“It was one of the greatest statements the Lord ever told me, he said, ‘Jesse do you want to come up where I’m at?’” the minister says in the video. “’I want you to bleed me for a Falcon 7X.’”


“I really believe that if Jesus was physically on the earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey,” he adds.

Duplantis, who has made derogatory comments about gay people in the past, says: “You know, I’ve owned three different jets in my life, and I’ve used them and just burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Now, some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets. I really believe that preachers ought to go on every available voice, every available outlet, to get this Gospel preached to the world.”