Lesbians attempt a Queer Eye makeover

What happens when you replace the gay guys in Queer Eye with a bunch of lesbians? A group of queer-identifying women have found out.

Ladies Eat Free, a comedy group based in the USA, have created a parody version of the makeover show and helped out a straight girl in need.

The cast includes all of the Fab 5 in lesbian form, but they introduce themselves in a slightly different style to the Netflix crew.


The Fab Five have a sing-a-long (Netflix)

Rachel the food and wine expert says: “Food is fuel for the body, like gasoline. But don’t drink gasoline,” while Simba, the lesbian fashion expert, says: “Sometimes the best way to add flair to an outfit is to turn your pocket lining inside out and pretend it’s a pocket square!”

Sara, the grooming expert, says: “It’s important to have a haircut that makes you feel confident. I cut all my hair off and now, I get confused for a little boy, but I still get hit on by men!”


Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Bobby Berk, and Karamo Brown from Queer Eye. (Netflix)

The YouTube episode follows the story of straight girl in need, 27-year-old Megan from Austin, Texas. “I think she just needs someone to help her feel confident and remind her how beautiful she is,” her friend Casey – who nominated her for the show – explains.

The main task for the lesbian Fab 5 is to help Megan “put herself out there” and start dating again. The show follows the same format as the Netflix Queer Eye, but with added comedy elements and it’s condensed into eight minutes.

But sadly the makeover doesn’t end too well and Casey ends up kicking the Fab 5 out of Megan’s apartment after seeing her transformation.

You can watch the full episode here:


Ladies Eat Free are based out of Austin, Texas and describe themselves as a sketch comedy group who ​write, film, and produce.