Man covers street in flyers claiming lesbian sex causes cancer

A man has been seen covering a Californian street with flyers claiming that lesbian sex causes cancer.

The flyers distributed by a man around a street in West Sacramento argue that lesbians have an increased risk of developing cancer, when compared with straight women.

The single sheets of paper – with writing on the front and back – spread false information linking lesbian sex to cancer.

According to FOX40, the flyers state: “Lesbians’ lifestyle is the same as everybody else except for their lovemaking activity that is exclusive to them, therefore it must be that activity which results in a higher incidence of cancer.”

The leaflets are titled: “The key to the mystery of estrogen and cancer.”

Syrena Ponce, a local resident, questioned a man that delivered a flyer to her door.

The flyers were distributed around a street in West Sacramento. (FOX40)

She told FOX40: “He wouldn’t respond to any of the questions we had. He kind of put his head down and was ignoring the situation.”

Ponce added: “I was concerned mostly because there are children home from school during the summer and stuff and they could be picking this information up.”

Another resident told the channel: “It definitely had a homophobic tone to it.”

FOX40 reported that it spoke to four residents in West Sacramento, who had received leaflets in the last month.

According to the broadcaster, some people in the area think that the flyers could have been distributed by a Christian religious group because they include a bible verse.

The man has been seen going from door-to-door with the flyers. (FOX40)

Elsewhere in California, the vice mayor of Dixon Ted Hickman is facing calls to step down after he penned an article declaring July as “Straight Pride American Month.”

His piece prompted recall efforts – a procedure when elected officials can be removed from office following a vote – with the creation of a “Recall Ted Hickman” Facebook page, which currently has more than 700 ‘likes’.

Hickman wrote in his article: “Now before anyone gets their pantyhose in a knot, this is not really legally anti anything; instead it’s pro-family; and proud to be a straight American, and me expressing a private opinion… So there!”

The Californian official added: “Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans… We do it with our parades in every state and county in this country with families celebrating together.”

He also described Pride month as “LGBTQF-WTF month,” adding that it was an event that saw “tens of thousands of folks dancing and prancing all over American celebrating the fact they are different than most of the rest of us and showing their ‘pride’ in being so.”