Drag queen ‘objects’ to wedding with hilarious lip-sync performance

Guests at a wedding in Glasgow last weekend were treated to an unusual surprise when a drag queen walked up the aisle to object to a couple’s marriage.

Cheri Treiffel, performed by Mark Swift, strode up the aisle at the wedding lip-syncing to 1960s soul classic, “It Should Have Been Me”.

Videos of the drag queen were uploaded by guests after the wedding, showing her storming the ceremony, and have since gone viral. One clip is now at six million views, while another has over four million.

Weddings are rarely objected to outside of television, however Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville found a way to make their wedding as theatrical as possible with Cheri’s appearance.


She played the role of the objecting, scorned woman perfectly, walking up to the grooms, briefly collapsing on her knees before standing up and beating one with her handbag.

Finally, Cheri leaves the venue at the end of the hilarious clip – but manages to hit one of the grooms with her handbag a few more times before making her exit.

The men organised Trieffel’s appearance themselves, however decided to keep the performance from friends and family and make it a surprise.

The viral clip shows the surprise on the faces of the crowd. Many look like they aren’t sure whether the appearance is a joke or not.

One of the viral clips was uploaded by Graham Cole, who was a guest at the wedding.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, he said that Peter McConnachie’s mum Glenda actually thought the interruption was real.

The soul classic has been performed by a number of artists over the years, but the happy couple found the perfect place to use the song by featuring it in their wedding, as the lyrics tell the story of a woman standing up to object to a wedding.

In the song, the woman tells the preacher: “It should have been me, you know that it should have been me”.