Harry Styles helps fan come out to her family during live concert

Former One Direction star Harry Styles helped one of his fans come out to her family during a concert on Wednesday.

Styles was performing in San Jose, Texas, as part of his current world tour. Midway through the concert, he spotted a fan in the crowd carrying a big double-sided sign.

The fan, identified as Twitter user Grace Tomorrow, tweeted the sign before the concert writing she didn’t “expect anything” but hoped the singer would catch a glimpse of it.

One side read, “I traveled 2,846 miles to be here tonight, thanks for 10 incredible shows,” and most importantly, the second read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of YOU!!!”

Harry Styles performs during the 31st ARIA Awards 2017 on November 28, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Zak Kaczmarek/Getty)

To Grace’s surprise, the star noticed her and stopped performing to address the side about her coming out.

Interrupting his song, Styles read the sign out loud and asked her where her parents were.

When Grace answered that her mother was back at the hotel waiting for her, four miles away from the concert, Styles congratulated her on coming out and said he was very happy for her. He then joked that if the crowd kept “as quiet as possible,” Grace’s mom Tina would hear him shout that her daughter was gay.

After a moment of banter, the singer did in fact shout, “Tina, she’s gay,” sending Grace and the rest of the crowd into overdrive. Styles then encouraged the crowd to repeat the chant with him.

The scene was recorded by a fan and shared on Twitter, where it was viewed more than 48.9 thousand times. Grace wrote: “Thank you so much for creating an environment where I am proud to be who I am.”

“Your continuous support of the LGBTQ+ has helped me come to love myself and feel safe. Thank you for tonight and I can’t wait to show Tina (my mom) this video. Love you always.”

She has since then shared the reaction of her mother, who was very supportive.

“Yes, I do love you and you can be whoever you want to be,“ said Tina, who also decided to come with her daughter to Styles’ next show in Los Angeles.

Grace also specified she was coming out as bisexual rather than gay. “This year I’ve really become proud of who I am and I’ve slowly been coming out to my friends over the past couple of months,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

The singer, who is currently enjoying the first solo tour of his career, regularly waves the rainbow and trans flags during shows and is outspoken about gay rights. His fans made headlines in April after they showcased the rainbow flag using flashlights during his London show.

In March, Styles released a new track titled “His Medicine,” which includes the lyrics: “The boys and the girls are here, I mess around with them, and I’m okay with it,” which encouraged speculation about his own possible bisexuality.