Bisexual woman films moment religious man tells her ‘being gay is a sin’ on her doorstep

A bisexual woman captured the moment a religious man told her “being gay is a sin” on her doorstep.

Dannie Andreeva, 20, shared a video on her social media which shows the man lecturing her about how being gay is “as bad as stealing, lying and cheating.”

In a post on Facebook, she wrote: “He said that the equivalent of someone having an affair in a marriage is just as bad as acting out your gayness.

“He says it is fine to be gay… Until you act out then that’s a sin.

“His own opinion says that God’s definition of a marriage is between a man and a woman.”

“He says that being gay is just as bad as stealing, lying and cheating,” Andreeva adds.

Andreeva, a media arts student at Plymouth University, said this is the second time the man has knocked on her door.

In the Facebook post, she wrote she wanted to share the video to make people aware of the discrimination and abuse LGBT+ people face.

“I wanted to share this video and show that this nit-picking and hatred needs to stop right now,” she wrote. “No one has the right to determine your worth.

“And you certainly have no reason to let someone put you down! A few small phrases can stick in someone’s mind and spread like poison and train someone’s brain to be self destructive and it won’t stop until it narrows someone’s self worth down to nothing.”

She added: “Don’t be afraid to also call people out and make your point heard. Be proud of who your are and leave no room for self hate – the world certainly doesn’t have anymore room for it.

“I will stand by what I said and protect the LGBT community and give no time to anyone to explain their homophobia.”

Andreeva shared the video to raise awareness of homophobic abuse (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty)

Dozens of social media users have shown their support for Andreeva for posting the video.

One person commented: “Good on you for standing your ground! No room in this world for this backwards mentality!”

“Well done Dannie, you handled yourself with dignity under extreme circumstances,” another wrote underneath the post.

“This is despicable! Proud of you for handing it so well,” another social media user wrote.

Earlier this week, a video emerged of a man hurling homophobic abuse at a lesbian couple in Oregon in the US.

The video was watched thousands of times before it was removed by Facebook.

In a new post, she wrote: “Facebook took my video down. I did not remove it. I’m posting it again because this happened to me.

“Yes there are awful things hurled at me. Yes this is even hard for me to watch. This needs to be seen and shared. People like this need exposure.”