WWE star Corey Graves roasts Twitter troll who used ‘gay’ as a slur

A Twitter troll got the smackdown he deserved after he taunted WWE star Corey Graves with a series of homophobic and sexist remarks.

Clyde E. Dawkins, who tweets from the handle @ClydeEDawkins and describes himself as “Standing up to bullies” in his bio, tweeted Graves on Tuesday seemingly out of nowhere to tell him: “Seriously, Graves has so much sand in her vagina. What a pussy.”

Dawkins then subtweeted the WWE star again to say, “Gay Graves is on her period again.”

A third tweet mentioning Graves then read: “your gay suits and your bad commentary are reprehensible.”

Dawkins, who describes himself as a huge sports fan in his bio for the website Cleat Geeks, to which he has contributed as a blogger, should have known you don’t have a second chance after three strikes.

“What’s reprehensible is that it’s 2018, and in your ignorant mind ‘gay’ is an insult. I don’t happen to be gay, but most importantly at least I don’t think like you. Also, I’m pretty good at commentary,” Graves replied in a tweet that has so far been liked by more than 3,600 people and has received around 200 replies, largely from supporters praising his choice of “dapper” suits and commentary style.

Corey Graves held troll Clyde Dawkins to account for his language (Twitter)

Graves, a retired professional wrestler, columnist and WWE commentator on Raw and SmackDown Live, has a history of supporting the LGBT+ community, from celebrating the historic Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage legal across the US to offering support to the community following the Pulse nightclub mass shooting.

He also recently threw shade at Saudi Arabia, where the WWE held its Greatest Royal Rumble event in April, for the lack of women’s rights in the country.

Alas, Dawkins was undeterred and continued to display homophobic behaviour in his next tweet: “No, @WWEGraves, your bad job of masking your homosexuality is classless. We all know you’re gay. It’s OK,” he wrote.

Twitter user Clyde E Dawkins taunted Corey Graves in a series of tweets (Twitter)

He then proceeded to label anyone who objected to his behaviour “bullies and idiots,” claiming there was “no offensive word in his tweet,” that Graves was being a bully to people on Twitter, and eventually lamenting how he was being “bullied and harassed” while he was “just minding my own business.”

He also claimed to be the victim of this situation and called Graves a “self-hating homophobe.”