A petition is calling for a new transgender flag emoji

A petition has been launched asking Unicode, the organisation that approves emojis, to introduce a trans flag emoji.

The petition comes after the company accepted a proposal to introduce a lobster emoji. The proposal argued that people suffered “frustration and confusion” at having to use a shrimp or crab emoji instead of a lobster.

The creator of the petition, trans activist Charlie Craggs, wrote: “Surely we deserve the same rights you have afforded crustaceans?”

They are pleading with the company to give “our trans mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters and friends the love they deserve” in the face of violence and discrimination.

In a tongue-in-cheek addition to the petition, the creator noted that “lobsters can actually be Gynandromorphs (an organism that contains both male and female characteristics)” and went on to say that they will take it as their symbol “until we get the Trans emoji we deserve.”

A video titled ‘Lobsters Against Transphobia’, asks people to use the lobster emoji as a makeshift trans emoji in the absence of the trans flag.

There have been moves in recent years to make emojis as inclusive as possible, with gender-neutral options being added, as well as various skin tones.

After a campaign by 15-year-old Rayouf Alhumedhi, the organisation introduced a hijab emoji too.

The leader of the campaign, Charlie Craggs, is an author and activist, and is also the founder of the campaign Nail Transphobia.

The initiative aims to educate people on trans issues and make new allies while also delivering manicures.

The campaign comes just weeks after Pride in London came under fire when a group of anti-trans protesters made their way to the front of the parade.

Charlie Craggs (Antony Jones/Getty)

The group, called GetTheLOut, were allowed to lead the parade for over 45 minutes.

The protest drew attention to transphobia in Britain today, and helped spark Trans Pride marches in Brighton, Dublin and Northern Ireland.

Following the controversy, Dazed teamed up with activist group Illuminated to project the messages ‘Trans Women are Women’ and ‘Trans Men are Men’ onto the Ministry of Justice building.