You have to see this Orange is the New Black mural made entirely from cheesy puffs

Orange is the New Black has received an unlikely tribute – in cheeto form.

The show, which recently returned for a sixth season on Netflix, received a unique mural at Boxpark in Shoreditch, London.

The art installation recreates the show’s cast in cheese puff form, in tribute to the inmates’ demands for Cheetos during the show’s season five prison riot.

Main character Piper later insisted: “You want to know what I did during the riot? I ran around handing out Cheetos and organizing an art installation.”

The mural was used up an estimated 20,800 cheesy puffs, or 520 bags,

It took approximately 400 hours, with a team of 11 led by food artist Prudence Staite.

The team used a range of tools, from knives and scalpels down to tweezers, in order to bring out the details.

The mural will be on display on August 2 and August 4-6.

It was recently revealed that two of the stars of Orange is the New Black Season Six are dating in real life.

Vicci Martinez, who joined the OITNB cast this season as enforcer Daddy, has a romantic arc on the show with fan favourite Daya, played by Dascha Polanco.

But the singer-turned-actor found on-set love with a different star – Emily Tarver, who plays Correction Officer Artesian McCullough.

Martinez confirmed the news, saying: “We are super in love… and we have a music group together. I’ve started to do music again. She’s fulfilling my fantasy of doing duets together.”

The sixth season of the show debuted on Netflix on July 27.

The ‘soft reboot’ season surprised fans by ditching a large number of long-running cast members, including several fan favourites.

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