Sex makes you live longer

Having regular sex makes you live longer, studies have shown.

Researchers in Wales and the US have found that both men and women elongate their lives, on average, by making love frequently.

Earlier this year, a study found that women who have sex with women are much, much more likely to orgasm, which is perhaps also why lesbian couples are typically happier than people in straight relationships.

Having sex twice or more a week is good for you (Pexels)

In one of these latest reports, more than 900 Welsh men between 45 and 59 years old were asked about their sexual habits, before being questioned again a decade later, according to Mandatory.

Those of them who had become intimate with a partner at least twice a week had half the death rate of those who had sex once or less, on average, every week.

The message was clear: have sex regularly, and you’ll massively cut your chances of dying.

Have sex regularly, and you’ll massively cut your chances of dying (Pexels)

When it came to the American study, the researchers asked 129 women, aged 20 to 50, about their sex lives.

They discovered that those who make love regularly have longer telomeres, which are the caps at the end of DNA strands which protect your chromosomes. They’ve been compared to aglets, the tips at the end of your shoelaces.

Millennials should take note of these studies, with research published this month showing that young people have sex around four or five times a month.

It seems like Millennials should take note of these studies (Pexels)

This is despite Millennials assuming that everyone else in their age group is having sex at least three times a week, on average.

But if going without sex endangers your longevity, at least it results in hilarious memes.

The “days without sex” meme took over the internet last month, with a basic format that involved starting your post with the phrase “day x without sex,” replacing the x with either your actual tally or a random number, before giving a funny result.

But if you do manage to have sex, there could be even more good news for you. A study last year showed that gay men and lesbians are better at sex than straight people.

Gay men and lesbians are apparently better at sex than straight people (Pexels)

Another piece of research released earlier this month showed that men can experience feelings of sadness, irritability or other negative feelings after sex.

The study, led by the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, found some men suffer from postcoital dysphoria, a term used to describe feelings of tearfulness, anxiety and agitation after intercourse.

Researchers analysed the responses of more than 1,200 men to an online survey, which asked them if they had ever experienced symptoms of PCD following satisfactory, consensual sex.

The results showed that 41 percent of men had experienced PCD in their lifetime, while 20 percent reported suffering from it in the previous four weeks.