Who is Mark E Miller? The gay YouTube star whose break-up has left queer fans heartbroken

Mark E. Miller and his long-term boyfriend, Ethan Hethcote, had gay hearts fluttering for years, as they broadcast their lives together to the world through Mark’s YouTube channel.

But it all came to an end yesterday when they posted a video announcing that they had made the decision to go their separate ways after five years together.

Mark E Miller rose to prominence on YouTube almost five years ago with videos like “Asking Guys if I’m Gay”, which went viral and has amassed over 2 million views.

His first ever video, which was posted five years ago, details his experience of coming out as gay.

The fitness fanatic has also posted various vlogs detailing how he stays in shape.

Five years ago, he posted his first video with boyfriend Ethan Hethcote, who went on to star in countless videos over the following years.

Their first time appearing on screen together was in a video called “The Perks of Being a Facebook Stalker”. In the video, they talked about how they “Facebook stalked” each other for around a year before working up the courage to start talking to each other.

The hilarious, heartwarming video shows the couple in their early days, and also sees Mark spying on Ethan singing along to “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast.

Shortly afterwards, they made a video together called “Awkward Kissing” in which they act out various types of uncomfortable kisses.

On his website, he describes himself as a digital content creator, and also says he is a filmmaker, photographer and social influencer.

He also runs his own company, alongside ex-boyfriend Ethan, called Everyday Pro.

But it is for his YouTube videos where he broadcast his life and his relationship that he is best known. His channel has almost 700,000 subscribers, and he releases a new video once a week.

Mark E Miller (YouTube)

Just last month, the pair featured in a video showing them going on a trip to Mexico, as well as one called “Date Night.”

The news of the split came as a shock to fans when Mark posted the video yesterday.

Ethan spoke openly about how their professional lives and their personal lives “just got really intertwined” during their “very fast, very fun, very exciting five years” together.

Mark added that they are still “best friends” and they joked that they’ll always be each other’s “phone a friend.”