The Circle’s Freddie accused of bullying

With just over a week remaining until the grand final, the drama continues to unfold on reality show The Circle, which last night saw the contestants clash even further.

The Channel 4 show pits people in an apartment complex together but they never meet. They only interact through an online messaging system, the Circle, and can choose to be themselves or even make up a completely new identity.


On Thursday’s episode, the group were tasked with painting the contestant of their choice, which is when things really began to unravel.

Freddie, the show’s gay contestant who is pretending to be straight, chose to draw ‘Kate’ (who is really Alex) with two-faces. Kate challenged Freddie on the unflattering portrait, claiming that her feelings had been hurt.

In response, Freddie said: “I have been real, I have worn my heart on my sleeve, and if I don’t like you, I’m going to paint that on a f***ing canvas.”

Viewers were outraged by Freddie’s behaviour, however, with him being described as “the ultimate bully,” “a nasty piece of work” and “a sh*t house.”

Viewers were not here for Freddie’s behaviour

Viewers were not amused

Some felt Freddie’s behaviour had gone too far

Meanwhile, Hannah drew a huge penis, quoting what Scotty had told her in the group chat. In retaliation, Scotty immortalised Hannah as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Freddie, who is openly gay in real life, has previously said that if he were to win the £50,000 prize money, he would like to open a clothing line: “I love clothes. Fashion is my passion – it’s an industry that I would definitely like to work in.

“I would want to go on holiday with my family and on holiday with my friends. I’d also like to get my teeth done. I’d fly out to Turkey to get a couple of veneers; they’re half the price there!”