Who is Mariella Amodeo? The Bi Life cast member and makeup artist

E!’s The Bi Life is a new dating show designed exclusively for bisexual singletons, but who is cast member Mariella Amodeo?

Based in London, 33-year-old Mariella is a makeup artist who grew up in Italy but relocated to the UK when she was 14. Her mum is Caribbean, whilst her dad – as you could possibly guess from her name – is Italian.

Although she’s dealt with disappointments in her love life to date, like many of her fellow cast members, she hopes that taking part in The Bi Life will help her to find a fairy tale ending.


Mariella comes from a big family and considers that side of life to be very important. Now that she’s in her thirties, she’s starting to think about settling down and so is only looking for something quite serious on the show.

When contemplating advice she might give to someone who wanted to come out to their friends and family, Mariella recommends that people, “just be honest. Speak to your loved ones, I’m sure they would understand and love you regardless.”


Her ideal partner would have to be funny, respectful and with a strong head on their shoulders. Hopefully she’ll meet someone on The Bi Life who is just that!

When is The Bi Life on TV?

The first episode of the series premieres on E! at 9pm October 25. The show has a 10-episode run and features a number of other cast members, including model Carmen Clarke, support teacher Kyle McGovern and studio assistant Irene Ellis.

The show is presented by Shane Jenek, better known as Courtney Act, familiar to UK reality TV viewers as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. The gender-fluid presenter appears as both Shane and Courtney during the course of the show.