2019 will be 20BiTeen, according to the internet

A picture of two women smiling together with overlaid text about 20BiTeen

Mark your calendars: 2019 is going to be the year of the bisexual. 20BiTeen is coming.

That’s right—2019 is just weeks away, and it’s already been renamed as 20BiTeen by a huge number of queer enthusiasts.

The tsunami of people calling for everyone to adopt the new name follows the game-changing move by lesbian US singer Hayley Kiyoko in January to dub 2018 “20GayTeen.”

She explained on Twitter: “It’s our year, it’s our time. To thrive and let our souls feel alive.”

The “Curious” star has repeatedly used the term during 2018, even shouting it from the stage in August while dedicating her MTV Video Music Award (VMA) to all queer women of colour.

The outpouring of enthusiasm from fans for 20GayTeen was also enormous, and has carried us through this year—but forget all that, because now it’s time for the year of bisexual appreciation which we’ve all been waiting for.

Bisexual people are excited for 20BiTeen

With bisexual people constantly suffering the consequences of cultural bi-erasure in TV shows like Netflix’s Insatiable and films like Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, 20BiTeen is not just a wonderful creation; it’s also a necessary step towards bi visibility.

“I’ll only get more powerful in 20biteen”

— @teememdee

Fans have expressed their eagerness for the new queer year to arrive, with one tweeting: “20gayteen might be ending but 20biteen is just beginning,” and another writing: “20GAYTEEN went by too damn fast but 20BITEEN here we come!”

One person summed it up nicely by tweeting: “Tired: Being sad that 20GayTeen is ending. Wired: Getting hyped for 20BiTeen.”

Even the parents of queer people are receiving the message that 20BiTeen is imminent, according to one Twitter user who wrote: “apparently last night my mom had a nightmare that i was a lesbian! 20biteen let’s GO.”

What will 20BiTeen be like for bisexual people?

According to its fans, they and all other bisexual people will flourish in the new year.

One person wrote: “20biteen is coming i’m gonna thrive even more I FEEL IT,” while another tweeted in the same vein, saying: “next year is 20biteen I WILL BE THRIVING I LOVE THIS.”

A different enthusiast promised: “20gayteen is drawing to a close but I’ll only get more powerful in 20biteen.”

A host of tweets declaring that 2019 will be known by the bisexual-oriented name 20BiTeen

20BiTeen is going to be a spectacular year for bisexual people, according to tweeters (Twitter)

And one user tweeted: “perhaps i didn’t thrive in 20gayteen because i’m like an 80/20 bi. 20biteen i’m counting on you.”

Others promised a host of ramifications from the queer year to come, with one tweeting: “20biteen is the year of hedonism .”

Another wrote that the law would be on bisexual people’s side, saying: “Less than a month until 20biteen!!! remember you have to be bisexual all of next year or you’ll be arrested!!”

And some pledged violence, with one tweeting: “20biteen is coming and I’ve never been so hyped please y’all biphobics will not be tolerated next year so its either you’ll get yourself educated or you’ll be kicked right to the ass.”