Best feel-good gay stories of 2018

Gay stories: gay kiss with people where rainbow pride lanyards

What a year it has been for the LGBT+ community. We have listed some of the best feel-good gay stories published in 2018.

Here are some of PinkNews’ favourite gay stories of 2018.

Student comes out as gay to standing ovation at top Catholic school

A student was met with applause and a standing ovation when he came out as gay during an assembly at St. Ignatius’ College, an elite Catholic school in Sydney, Australia.

St. Ignatius’ College student Finn Standard gets a standing ovation after he comes out as gay

St. Ignatius’ College student Finn Standard was met with a standing ovation and applause when he came out as gay. (SBS News)

Finn Stannard, 17, publicly revealed he is gay in front of around 1,500 other students during the assembly.

An exclusive video shows the brave boy’s speech and the heartwarming reaction of the crowd.

Illinois town’s first Pride parade is the work of a “proud and gay” 12-year-old girl

Molly Pinta, 12, planned the first pride parade ever in her hometown of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, in the USA.

The youngster was inspired to organise the event after marching with her mum in another pride event.

“We … felt so amazed and wowed,” the 12-year old told NBC News. “I imagined having that in my hometown would be so cool and seeing the town supporting the community.”

Her video may encourage more and more young people to come out with their gay stories.

Man pours glitter into car after driver calls him a ‘faggot’

Nick Hurley, 27, was on his way to Brighton Pride when a driver called him a “faggot.” In response, the young man threw glitter at them.

Nick Hurley, gay man who threw glitter at a driver who called him a "faggot".

Nick Hurley threw glitter at a driver who called him a “faggot.”

On Twitter, he said: “If you think it’s okay to shout “faggot” at me out of your car window while you drive past, then I think it’s okay for me to empty a tube of glitter through that window when you stop at the traffic lights.

“Your casual homophobia has supergay consequences.”

Nick Hurley Twitter tweet about throwing glitter at men who called him a faggot

Viral tweet by Nick Hurley (Twitter/@nickhurley)

The digital artist, who is gay,  explained to PinkNews: “I had just stopped off on the way to pick up some glitter before heading home to get changed and pick up a bag [as] I was on my way to Brighton Pride for the weekend.

“While going down Whitworth Street in Manchester – a road I walk down at least twice a day – a car screeched past with two guys in, and the one yelled out of the window ‘faggot’ at me.

“They then came to a stop at the next set of traffic lights. By which time I had caught up with them. And in a moment of white-hot creative rage, I emptied a tube of glitter into their car through the passenger window.

“They seemed confused and dumbfounded, and didn’t say anything. The lights changed and they drove off, while I took a sharp left turn down onwards on my journey home.”

Kid meets a drag queen for the first time

This video shows the adorable reaction of a toddler who sees a drag queen for the first time.

At only 16 months old, little Willum already loves drag queens, it seems.

His mother told PinkNews that she had “no clue” he would run all the way up to the drag queen.

Greece allows gay couples to foster children in landmark move

This LGBT story showed a great move in the right direction for the rainbow family.

Gay couples are now able to foster children in Greece since the legislation passed on May 9 this year.

The groundbreaking legislation was passed by 161 votes to 103.

It will enable same-sex partners who are in civil partnerships to become foster parents.

Unfortunately, adoption is still off-limits for gay people in the European country but that may come with time.

Man attacked for being gay posts bloody, yet smiling selfie to send powerful message

While this gay story started with a negative point, highlighting the abuse LGBT+ people get, it ends on an important note.

Blair Wilson was harassed and attacked in the streets of a small village in Scotland.

The young man had a message for the assaulter, so he shared on social media along with a picture of himself, smiling despite the blood on his face.

Blair Wilson bloody face smile after gay attack

Blair Wilson shares an important message with his smile (Facebook)

On his Facebook, he wrote: “To the wee cunt that called me a faggot across the main street then tried to attack me when i called him ‘hen’ we aw [sic] know who you are and you will get what’s coming to you—Trust it to be someone insecure with his own sexuality trying to take it out on someone secure in himself. Wish you well.

Since then, the 21 year old has received hundreds of heartwarming messages from all over the world, with many calling his response inspirational. 

Homophobic dad speaks about his son coming out as gay in emotional LBC call

As far as gay stories go, this one is both emotional and painfully honest.

LBC host Nick Ferrari was left lost for words after a caller named Mark opened up about regretting his homophobic views in a touching interview.

The caller said: “I was brought up with a religious view that homosexuality was wrong, disgusting, dirty — I took that to the extreme, I absolutely hated homosexuals.”

But since his son came out as gay, his views have changed.

Mark said: “My son is my son and I love him to pieces. Now, I have the belief it doesn’t matter who you are, what sexuality you are… you still contribute and give to society.

“My son [now 20] goes on the gay scene, and occasionally I go out on the gay scene with him!”

What was your favourite story this year?