PETA wants you to go vegan to last longer in bed

A screenshot from an advert by PETA about how going vegan can make you last longer during sex

PETA has released an advert to promote the idea that going vegan will increase your sexual stamina.

The animal rights charity, whose full name is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday (January 16) with the message: “‘Traditional’ masculinity is DEAD.

“The secret to male sexual stamina is veggies. ”

“Increase your sexual stamina. Go vegan.”


The advert features men dancing with fruits and vegetables hanging from their nether regions, masquerading as penises and testes.

After a tennis player, businessman, car mechanic and a man in a nightclub are all seen thrusting their phallic food attachments at the camera, PETA tells viewers: “Increase your sexual stamina. Go vegan.”

In a further post, the charity attempts to link veganism to a recent study by the American Psychological Association which recognised a form of toxic masculinity that has links to homophobia and misogyny.

PETA tweeted, “The APA links toxic ‘traditional’ masculinity to violence—which is also deadly to animals,” above a link to an article with the social headline: “‘Traditional Masculinity’ kills Millions of Animals.”

The article on PETA’s website, which has the much more mild headline “APA’s Toxic ‘Traditional Masculinity’ Should Include Hunting, Eating Animals,” calls on men to “cure toxic masculinity by going vegan.”

One of the men in a PETA advert dances with a carrot as a penis

PETA is urging people to go vegan to destroy toxic masculinity. (PETA)

The organisation’s video dropped days after Gillette revitalised their “the best a man can get” slogan to tackle toxic masculinity in an advert released on Monday (January 14).

PETA releases vegan sex advert after controversial alternative phrases campaign

In December, PETA sparked outrage by comparing homophobia, racism and ableism to using animal-related phrases like “bring home the bacon.”

The charity urged the public to “remove speciesism from your daily conversations,” predicting that “just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialise cruelty to animals will vanish.”

PETA posted a list of idioms like “kill two birds with one stone” and “be the guinea pig,” along with the suggested alternatives of “feed two birds with one scone” and “be the test tube.”

The charity, which has attracted criticism before for dressing up in Ku Klux Klan costumes to protest a dog show and comparing meat-eating to the Nazi genocide in an exhibition called “Holocaust on Your Plate,” sparked a tsunami of anger with the posts.

Many on Twitter made clear that they sympathised with the general cause of protecting animals, but said the organisation had crossed a line.

“Peta is a joke and that’s the tea. How have they ruined their own brand with this messy (and endless) comparisons to the plight of LGBT’s, black people, Jews etc,” wrote one tweeter.