10 lesbian stereotypes we’ve all heard

women kissing

You must have heard these lesbian stereotypes.

While a few of these stereotypes are bound to translate to some lesbians, you’d be a fool to think these can all be applied to someone just because of their sexuality.

Here are 10 lesbian stereotypes we’ve all heard:

All lesbians love sports

If a girl loves sports, she must be a lesbian, right?

Lesbians dress like boys

You imagine something butch.

And unless a lesbian has short hair and baggy clothes, they always hear the old: “But you don’t look like a lesbian?

They were tomboys growing up

As a child, your stereotypical lesbian will have been seen with a baseball cap and sports clothes.

Lesbians must fancy all other women

When a girl comes out to their female friends, they always get this question: “Do you fancy me, then?”

And if the answer is no… that friend gets offended.

Hate to break it to you all but a lesbian doesn’t have to like every attractive girl. They can have types, like everyone else.

Lesbians hate men

For some reason, there’s a huge stereotype that lesbians hate men.

It’s like people think that if they don’t want a romantic relationship with men, they must hate them. Right?

There’s always ‘the man’ in any lesbian relationship

“Who’s the guy in the relationship?”

For some reason, people always think there HAS to be a butch one.

They don’t shave

Lesbians have super hairy legs all year round, apparently.

Look out for her on the beach.

And if they are somehow feminine, they’d be up for a threesome

If she doesn’t ‘look like a lesbian’, but she has a girlfriend, they must be up for a threesome with some guy.

Lesbians love astrology

Lesbians are known to love astrology. People think every lesbian reads their horoscopes daily.

And have you ever heard of the “lesbian apocalypse” regarding the Mercury retrograde?

‘It’s just a phase’

And lastly, there’s the stereotype that all lesbians are just going through “a phrase.”

“You just haven’t met the right guy.”

So, which of these lesbian stereotypes have you heard most?

Do you think any of the 10 reflect some truth or are they all hocus pocus?