Katie Hopkins goes to Birmingham school at centre of LGBT lessons row

Former newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins went to Anderton Park Primary School today (June 4) and was widely condemned, with one Birmingham city councillor tweeting “she isn’t there to help.”

Hopkins, who rose to public attention when she participated in series three of The Apprentice, filmed a video outside the school.

“Well well, where have you been Katie Hopkins? as a total opportunist and major grandstander I’m surprised we haven’t seen you before now,” tweeted local councillor Kerry Jenkins. “P.s. You are trespassing on school property so please do go away.”

One prominent Birmingham city councillor tweeted “she isn’t there to help,” and a youth campaigner said, “Go and relish in hatred somewhere else far from the gates of a primary school #SayNoToHate,” according to the Birmingham Mail.

‘Hatey Katey’

Nicknamed “Hatey Katey,” Hopkins said on Twitter that she is there to find out “the real story behind the insults.”

“This is Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham,” Hopkins said in a video filmed outside Anderton Park, which was posted on social media. “It’s the centre of an almighty battle that’s raging right now. The Muslim parents here don’t want their four- or five-year-olds to be taught LGBTQ lessons. And why should they, at the age of four or five?”

“And the LGBTQ massif have been here counter-protesting,” she said.

Protests, led by Shakeel Asfar, have been focused on Anderton Park Primary School in recent weeks. The row has made headlines across the UK as some parents, and other members of the community, object to primary school children learning about LGBT+ people.

Katie Hopkins: ‘Islam disgusts me’

Hopkins also went to the home of Afsar, the Muslim man – who does not have children at the school – organising the protests outside Anderton Park.

Hopkins tweeted, “So gracious of @shakeelafsar7, and his family to invite me into their home, during their Eid celebrations – to discuss the issues with LGBT teaching at #AndertonParkPrimarySchool Full report to follow.”

Hopkins previously caused outrage when she said,”Islam disgusts me,” after the Nice attack in 2016, in which 84 people were killed.

Last week (May 31), Birmingham City Council was granted an interim injunction to create an exclusion zone around the school and prevent protesters from gathering at school gates.