Non-binary sex toys are here and they are accessible to everyone

Non-binary sex toy Enby

Sex tech company Wild Flower have created its first sex toy—and it is is non-binary and accessible to everyone.

The toy—named “Enby” which is short for non-binary— has three speeds, five patterns of vibration and comes in two different colours

The concept was brought to life by Wild Flower founders Amy Boyajian, who identifies as non-binary, and their partner Nick Boyajian. 
Posting on Instagram, Wild Flower said: “We hoped to create a toy that anyone could enjoy, regardless of their anatomy or identity… Enby meets many of the needs that are not currently being adequately met in the sex toy industry.

“Enby” is designed to “accommodate people through their transitions and changes, either physical transitions, changes of partners, or via their explorations of what feels good to them.” 

The toy can be used inside a harness; on a flat surface for “humping;” its wings can be curled in for stroking and massaging; and can also be placed between bodies to be used by two partners at the same time.

Before the toy’s launch, Wild Flower began as a “sex wellness brand” that stocked sex toys produced by other companies, sorted by type of play or area of the body, rather than gender.

The website also aims to destigmatise dialogue surrounding sex with a blog and education section.

Boyajian, a former dominatrix and self-love advocate, also makes educational YouTube videos answering pretty much every sex question you’ve ever had. 

Non-binary sex toy Enby

Non-binary sex toy “Enby” can be used in endless ways. (Wild Flower)

Wild Flower caters to “every sexuality, every gender, every experience, and every body”

Boyajian told Out: “Wild Flower is proudly queer because we refuse to follow to heteronormative and gender binary standards in place in the sex and pleasure industries.”

“It’s astonishing how many products are made for women and/or transgendered persons that were created by people who have no idea of that experience,” they continued.

“We need to change the current standard of the cis white male gaze on all sex products and materials. Wild Flower is about every sexuality, every gender, every experience, and every body.”