Broadcaster Iain Lee comes out as bisexual

Broadcaster Iain Lee comes out as bisexual

Radio host Iain Lee has come out as bisexual in a moving segment on his show.

The star—who developed a new following in 2017 when he came third on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here—opened up on air about his sexuality and his struggle with depression.

Lee revealed that he is seeing a therapist after a difficult few months in which he was in a serious car accident and his marriage came to an end.

“He’s helped me realise that I’m probably bisexual,” Lee said.

Iain Lee: ‘This is me coming out’

He continued: “So I guess I’m coming out. This is me coming out, I suppose is how they would call it, at the age of 46, and I’m terrified by it.”

Lee revealed that he has felt “great shame and embarrassment” about his sexuality for years.

The TalkRadio host also revealed that he was sexually abused as a teenage boy by older men, and that he had been working through his experience with his therapist.

“I’ve been reminded of a lot of stuff that kind of started when I was about 14 or 15 years old, and would involve me basically engaged in sexual acts with significantly older men,” Lee said.

He’s helped me realise that I’m probably bisexual.

“This went on for quite a while, and I’ve always had a lot of confusion around it, because I started putting myself in these positions so that these things would happen again.”

Lee said that he used to blame himself for the abuse, but he was able to identify the experiences as abuse through therapy.

“Now, I can see that it was abuse,” he said.

The response to his coming out has been ‘nuts’

The star later posted on Twitter: “This week I kind of came out on air as bi and the support has been nuts. So like thanks. I’ll probably delete this tweet as I still feel embarrassed and ashamed and weird but I’m working on it.”

Lee has received a huge response since he came out as bisexual. Comedian and author Shappi Khorsandi replied: “Welcome bi-brother.”

He also revealed that he had only told a small number of people that he is bisexual before announcing it on his show, and said those he told were supportive.