Nightclub created by and for queer womxn opening in London

LICK club for queer womxn

A nightclub created by and for queer women is coming to London this weekend (July 13) and it will be the first of its kind.

LICK was started by Teddy Edwardes as a monthly club night and at their most recent event, a Pride afterparty which hosted 2,000 queer women, it announced that it was evolving into a club of its own.

Edwardes told PinkNews: “Queer womxn are really overlooked.

“We aren’t welcome in a lot of gay bars, straight bars are often a no-go unless you want to be harassed, and not many people want to work with nights for queer womxn.”

The LICK founder moved to London from Cornwall three years ago and got a job at the city’s only lesbian bar, She Soho, but said at the time she was disappointed in what she felt was a lack of diversity.

She Soho said they currently “provide a safe space for queer womxn, with a diverse range of events from drag kings, burlesque, spoken word to live music performances, representing a wide spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Edwardes lost her job shortly after arriving in London, and said: “I was so annoyed that I decided to go straight across the road to the bar opposite them and ask if I could hold my own event there on the same night as they did theirs and I called it ‘C U Next Tuesday’ — it was a hit.”

The club nights continued to grow, and Edwardes said: “Seeing how grateful womxn are for having LICK just made me want to give the community something more permanent.”

The club, in the famous Vauxhall arches, will have a capacity of 350 and will work up to being open seven days per week. The monthly LICK club nights will continue at different venues.

LICK club for queer womxn

The club, in the famous Vauxhall arches, will have a capacity of 350. (LICK)

LICK founder Teddy Edwardes said it’s important for queer women to have safe spaces

“I want to keep the club separate from the monthly events but at the same time keep the great vibe we already have just on a smaller scale,” said Edwardes.

“I’d like to be able to give everyone a taste of what the original nights were like.”

She continued: “It’s important for womxn to have spaces where they feel comfortable and safe to be themselves.

“There’s a real lack of diversity on the LGBT+ scene, and it’s extremely important that we get more representation for trans, non-binary and queer people of colour; that’s where LICK comes in.

“There are so many outdated stereotypes that need to change and I believe we are helping to achieve that.”

Edwardes also took part in the PinkNews video on the first time she realised she was queer.