Anti-LGBT education page blocks ‘every gay’ on Twitter

A Twitter profile set up to protest against LGBT education in the UK’s schools appears to have blocked “every gay” on the internet.

Hundreds of Twitter users have posted say that they have been blocked by the Questioning LGBT Education page, which was set up earlier in July.

Screenshots seen by PinkNews show that the profile currently has more than 2,700 followers and regularly posts anti-LGBT+ content.

The page is protesting against LGBT+ education in British schools.(QuestionLGBTedu/Twitter)

One tweet posted on July 26 claims that “gay sex with a MUCH older man is normalized in high school sex education.”

It also describes the No Outsiders programme, set up by assistant headteacher Andrew Moffat, as “dogma.”

Questioning LGBT Education Twitter profile blocks LGBT users

The initiative teaches primary children about the Equality Act 2010 using kids’ picture books and has sparked protests outside schools in the Birmingham area.

A number of LGBT+ journalists in the PinkNews office have been blocked by the Questioning LGBT Education page.

One Twitter user went as far as claiming that the page has “blocked every gay on the planet.”

Some LGBT+ people have mocked the profile for its targeted barring, with one describing having been blocked as a  “badge of honour”  and another comparing the move to the guest list of an elitist gay club.

One Twitter user said: “I’m happy to be [a] part of quite an extraordinary list.”

Another wrote: “Please note, I will henceforth *only* follow accounts blocked by @QuestionLGBTedu.”

The list of who’s blocked by @QuestionLGBTedu is turning out to be a veritable ‘Who’s Who?’ of UK LGBTQ+ Glitterati.

A fourth user posted: “*Flips hair, winks at camera and shoulder checks bouncer at exclusive gay club*.”

And a fifth person joked: “The list of who’s blocked by @QuestionLGBTedu is turning out to be a veritable ‘Who’s Who?’ of UK LGBTQ+ Glitterati.”

Questioning LGBT Education page claims gay sex with “MUCH older men” is “normalized” in UK schools

The Questioning LGBT Education profile comes after the British parliament approved LGBT+ inclusive guidance in relationships education in April, which is set to become compulsory in UK primary and secondary schools in September 2020.

Some users have urged others to report the page to Twitter.

“Hey @QuestionLGBTedu ?? your gay radar missed a this big ol lesbian over here! So I scrolled through your hateful & vitriolic tweets & reported them individually,” wrote one person.

Other LGBT+ Twitter users have even expressed their disappointment at not making Questioning LGBT Education’s blocked list.

“This anti-LGBT Twitter account has been randomly blocking people that they deem as too gay, and I’m just really offended that I haven’t been blocked yet??,” wrote one.

One lesbian journalist at PinkNews, who has so far evaded being blocked by Questioning LGBT Education, said: “I am sad and disappointed that I have not been blocked.

“I am often told that I don’t look like a lesbian, which hurts, but it frankly hurts more that I apparently don’t tweet like a lesbian?

“I will be taking a look at the content I share and making sure I leave no room for any mystery around my sexuality from now on. L word memes pending.”

The bio section of Questioning LGBT Education’s profile says it was set up by a “British parent deeply concerned that LGBT in schools has gone way beyond *a book with two mums* and into indoctrination.”

While the page targets LGBT+ education in British schools, there is no indication of the location of the user and the language used is American English.

Another Questioning LGBT Education post on July reads: “The children are so indoctrinated by the age of 5 they conflate a pantomine dame with transsexuals and jump to affirm it is OK…how much confusion do we want for our children?”

Speaking to PinkNews, the Questioning LGBT Education Twitter account said: “Obviously apologies to anyone who wanted to sincerely engage with different opinions, but needs must.

“You should see the language in my DMs as it is.

“But I blocked the followers of accounts asking for all their followers to report me just for having an honest opinion on this issue that effects all of us, not just LGBT people.”